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What is Semax peptide?

Semax , a heptapeptide with the sequence Met-Glu-His-Phe-Pro-Gly-Pro, is an agent from Russia used to prevent and treat circulatory disorders.

It is included in the list of important and necessary drugs by the Russian government [1]. Despite the use of semax in hospital treatment in Russia, it is available in pharmacies without a prescription. This is because despite many studies in humans and rats, no side effects have been shown. Additionally, it is not on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Lists.

More than 20 years of intensive research by Russian scientists on the effects of Semax on the body has shown that it is useful and used:
– in the treatment of stroke and to reduce the riskits occurrence [2], [3],
– in the case of transient ischemic attack (TIA) by neuroprotective effect in the case of cerebral hypoxia, [4]
– in the case of memory and concentration disorders , [5]
– in ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract, [6]
– in disease of the optic nerve [7]
– in enhancing the stress-induced immune system response [8]

What mechanisms of action does Semaks have ?

After 1 – Increases the concentration of BDNF in the brain[9] which may directly translate into better focus and cognitive skills. BDNF is crucial and necessary for the cognitive process, synaptic plasticity, and neuronal viability. Low BDNF concentration may aggravate depression and anxiety disorders, so semax by increasing the BDNF concentration should reduce the risk of their occurrence or their worsening.

After 2 – Reduces the breakdown of enkephalins , i.e. opioids similar naturally occurring in our brain, responsible for mood and pain relief, which can translate into better well-being in the case of chronic pain. [10]

After 3 – Has a neuroprotective effect[11] that is, it protects the nervous system against oxidative damage. It reduces the risk of the occurrence and aggravation of neurodegenerative diseases and inhibits the adverse effects of stress on the nervous system.

After 4 – It affects the expression of genes related to the immune system and the cardiovascular system [12], which (if supported by more studies on large groups of people) may help in the prevention of pathologies related to these systems.

How does it work in practice ?

In many cases, the use of semax in the form of a nasal spray in volunteers resulted in the impression of increased sensitivity to colors, improved focus and mood. You may feel the effect a few minutes after use.
The direct, subjective effects of semax were most felt in people complaining of problems with concentration, irritability, lack of motivation and chronic fatigue.

Is Semax safe for humans ?

In a study involving over 200 people with reduced blood flow in the brain [13], Semax therapy reduced overall brain damage to patients and reduced the risk of potential future strokes. Additionally, the study showed that in all patients Semax was “well tolerated” and showed no side effects.

Disclaimer : The article was written for informational purposes only based on the research below. The author is not responsible for the use of the content.

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